At slowwmo CIC we are all about helping create connections with each other and our local area using old transport links to create a connection with our past and our future for the benefit of people and the environment. Raising awareness and funding to help people improve their mental health by discovering the roots of our past.

We would love it if you could join us on our journey along the old Corkscrew Railway which ran from Dorset through to Hampshire, an area steeped in history but also a fantastic area to explore today.

Our journey has also helped us meet lots of amazing local Artists, crafts-people and producers who we would love to introduce to you in our slowwmo Marketplace.

Our Marketplace is a great place to find local gifts and products and it helps support local Artisans and helps you shop local.

Local Artists and Producers Online Shop

If you are a local Artist, Craftsperson or Producer and would like your products to be showcased in our marketplace please fill out a vendor registration form here

When you join slowwmo you will receive:

•             Your own exclusive shop on our website, with unlimited items

•             Free technical one to one help to set up your shop

•             Free promotion across all our social media accounts

•             Free promotion to our members, visitors to our website and attendees of our Curated Journeys

•             Early access to our events

We are currently waiving the £10/month shop fee but there is a small commission per sale of 10% to cover our costs.

And don’t worry if you haven’t sold online before as we are here to hold your hand and get you started.

Local Etsy Store Owners Promoted In Our Marketplace

If you already have an Etsy store and feel that another online shop will be too much to manage we can use the information from your Etsy store (or feed) and promote your items in our marketplace. All of your sales would still be through Etsy and would be another way to increase your sales. There is currently no charge for this.

If you have any questions about selling your handcrafted items online please contact us [email protected]