Hollow Brass and Metal Rings ideal for Dorset Buttons


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When I first started to make Dorset Buttons I was introduced to hollow brass rings. Recently I have discovered metal lingerie rings and closed jump rings and decided to stock as selection both types of rings including a few hollow brass rings which are listed separately.

I’m very fussy about the rings I use for working my Dorset Buttons and was very disappointed when my regular suppliers of hollow brass rings stopped stocking some of the sizes I used and changed the thickness and quality of others. However, I have found the following selection of closed jump rings and lingerie rings a useful combination.

I have a selection of different sizes:

12mm closed jump rings silver colour £1.00 for a pack of 6
16mm closed jump rings gold colour £1.00 for a pack of 6
17mm lingerie rings silver colour £1.00 for a pack of 6
19mm closed jump rings silver colour £1.00 for a pack of 6
23mm lingerie rings gold colour £1.00 for a pack of 5

25mm hollow brass rings £1.00 for a pack of 5
32mm hollow brass rings £1.50 for a pack of 5
Unfortunately, I'm no longer stocking 35mm hollow brass rings as shown in the image.
Hollow brass rings are made for the soft furnishings trade and are not as fine as the metal rings above.

Dorset Buttons originated in Shaftesbury in the 1620s. The making of these buttons became a major cottage industry in Dorset creating employment and income for many families. By the 1780s around Shaftesbury alone 4,000 women and children were employed in the industry. The industry came to an end in the early 1800s with the introduction of a button making machine.

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