Handmade Lemon,Lime and Ginger goatsmilk soap


Combine the citrus scent of lemon and lime with the spice of ginger for a zingy fresh start to the day!

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Handmade soaps made with the fresh milk from my own goats kept at the bottom of my garden. They have free access to pasture and snug stables to sleep in at night.
The milk in the soap breaks down the bonds holding the dead skin cells together. In other soaps, chemicals are used and can be harsh on the skin. Goatsmilk soap is the same ph as your skin so allows it to maintain the natural moisture. 30% olive oil makes it an excellent skin conditioner. Very helpful for people who have eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin.
Kept dry when not in use means the soap will last a long time. Made only with natural ingredients and real essential oils. 


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