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“Water people”… salmon … and the River Frome
A conservation problem
Allendale Interior
Amphibian and Reptile Conservation
An oasis of tranquility in Dorchester
Art Deco Cinema
Atmospheric Arne
Back from the Brink
Badbury Rings
Badbury Rings
Balloon Journey (Arne and Purbeck Heath)
Balloon Journey (Busy Bees)
Balloon Journey (River Frome)
Beatrix Potter and Bees
Bees in Illuminated Manuscript
Beeswax for Candles
Blandford Forum
Brownsea Island
Busy Bees at work: and other pollinators in our landscape
Butterflies as well
Castle Hill
Castleman Trailway
Charles Castleman
Charles Castleman and Allendale House
Chettle House
Corfe Castle
Corkscrew abandoned
Corkscrew the map
Cuckoo Bees
Decline and fall
Elizabethan bridge over the Frome at Woolston Bridge
End of Journey (River Frome)
Family connections
Farewell to Arne and Purbeck Heath
Farewell to Busy Bees
Farewell to Castle Hill
First settlers
Flowers Hill fort on the Purbeck coast
Frowning deer, green dragons… and the Arne Peninsula
Garden Dragon Watch
Gucci and Bees
Gullivers Tales
Hares in Myth and Legend: a journey to Cranborne Chase
Heywood Sumner, artist, craftsman and archaeologist
Hives and the Forest Heathlands
Hod Hill
Inside the Minster
Intervention programmes to help salmon numbers
Introduction to Arne and Purbeck Heath
Introduction to Busy Bees
Introduction to River Frome
Isle of Purbeck
Kingston Lacey
Lovey Warne
Lowland heath habitat at Arne
Maiden Castle
Maiden Castle and the Durotriges
Making Connections (Arne and Purbeck Heath)
Making Connections (Busy Bees)
Making Connections (River Frome)
Making Connections (Test Video)
Military Movements
More natural resources
Napoleon and Bees
Native Bee Species
New Forest Ponies
Not a native species
Other Pollinators
Parliamentary negotiations
Poole Harbour from the Arne Peninsula
Poppy fields
Purbeck Heath: resilience in the landscape
Purbeck Masonry Wasp
Railway Mania
Rare species
Red Squirrels
River Avon
River Avon in Winter
River meadow management
Salmon and a helping hand
Salmon and people: connections
Salmon in crisis on the River Frome and world wide
Sand lizards
Sea Thrift
Shipstal Hill Circular Walk
Shipstal Point
Sika deer
Sir Morton Peto
Smuggling in Christchurch in the 1700’s
Smuggling in the 18th century
Spoonbills and egrets
Test info 1
Test info 2
Test Video
Thank you for joining us
The Avon Valley Path
The Avon Valley Trail
The Bankes Family
The banks of the River Frome
The Bee
The Big Dig
The Chalk Downland
The Construction Period
The Construction period
The Corkscrew Railway
The Corkscrew Railway and the River Frome valley
The First Inspection Journey
The Frome at Lower Bockhampton and the Thomas Hardy connection
The Frome in Victorian times
The Furzebrook Railway
The Honeybee
The Minster
The Monmouth Rebellion in Dorset
The New Forest
The New Forest
The Old Granary
The opening day… 1st June 1847
The Purbeck Way
The Return of the Native
The River Allen
The River Frome at Wareham
The River Frome in Dorchester
The River Frome: a habitat for wildlife
The River Stour
The Shaftesburys
The Stour Valley Way
The Thomas Hardy connection
Thomas Hardy
Tolpuddle Martyrs
Trade and transport
Trade and Wareham Quay
Trade Connections
Unimproved Grass Meadow
Unrest in Dorset
Using natural resources
Waders for Real
Wareham connections
Wareham Quay
Wareham Walls
Water Management
What You Can Do
Where have all the salmon gone?
Why is it important to look after the salmon and other river life on the River Frome
Wimborne and murders
Wimborne Minster
Wimborne Station
Wimborne the centre of the Corkscrew Railway
Wimborne… the centre of the Corkscrew Railway
World Bee Day