slowwmo CIC

a social enterprise registered with Companies House as a Community Interest Company in September 2020 registered number 12912130

what do we do?

slowwmo is about creating connections

many of us are now interested in a slower pace of life, a more human sized type of life, a life belonging to a community we can identify with, feel part of and be connected to.

however our individual pace of life is still fast and linked in to impersonal systems. We buy train tickets on line, calculate how long it will take to get through airport security, wait at home for our delivery from on-line providers, take individual trips to purchase mass produced goods coming from the other side of the world from ever larger superstores.

and many of us look back to a hazy idea of how things used to be in our grandparents and great grandparents time: a more personal and local time, when the time scale in our community was measured by the arrival and departure of our local train, when going on an trip meant that the journey was part of the event, when we had time to chat to the station porter and he lived down the road. We were connected.

we know we need more exercise, we know we need to take better care of the environment, to care for others around us. We go to gyms, go out for cycle rides, join walking clubs, become members of and donate to various charities. All good individual actions. All to be prioritised into our busy lives. Many of these good acts are not connected with each other: sometimes we are only connected to an outcome by an individual payment via an internet site.

slowwmo is about recreating these connections for the benefit of people and the environment in the Wessex area. And for the benefit of other organisations in our area who also seek to make these connections.

  • to promote and develop a slower pace community.
  • one with time to care for how things are done and who is around us.
  • one that has peace and tranquility, well being, localism and quality at its heart.
  • a community that works with existing stakeholders and user groups but which brings all these benefits together by using the linear connectivity of historic transport routes as a platform for a slower pace community both in a real and in a virtual place.
  • transport routes which were created to bring products to market and people to communities at the slower pace of their age ... made real and relevant again in our age.

how do we do it?

so, imagine a series of maps overlaid on each other…. not only mapping the route, but mapping the individual lives and activities and connections along the route through time…

and now imagine slowwmo developing and promoting these connections, both real and virtual, allowing people to access these past and present connections via our website and other media, at any point and from anywhere... and these people being part of our developing community now, and in the future.... converting interest into passion.

we are slowwmo

an initiative with it's heart in social justice and engagement but with its head in creating sustainable organisations with income strategies which will continue delivering vision, bringing benefits to our real and virtual communities.

the slowwmo team

Jonathan Till
Jonathan Till, CEO

Jonathan Till

Formerly a senior board director responsible for risk management within the banking sector, now working for selected companies in the communication, finance and entertainment sectors in the UK and in Europe. He has also worked as CEO for an historic transport charity, turning the charity around from a substantial deficit to a balanced budget while introducing modern business systems and engagement processes.

Sheila Wade
Sheila Wade, Director, Communication & Marketing

Sheila Wade
Director Communications & Marketing

Thirty years' experience of operating her own successful service business in the landscape sector, and with ten years' experience of working as a charity trustee in national and local charities in the heritage, transport, and social justice sectors, covering roles including finance, communications and marketing. She has also been instrumental in setting up three successful social enterprises which work to improve community engagement in Wiltshire.

Sue Broadbent OBE

Thirty five years’ experience as a senior manager in criminal justice agencies and directing research and reform projects in the UK and abroad including the United States and Syria. She has also worked in the charity and faith sectors as a chair and trustee of national, regional, and local charities for the past thirty years, with expertise in charity governance, strategic leadership, and change management. Her passion is the development and coaching of younger people to fulfill their potential and overcome personal and structural disadvantage. She lives in Dorset and enjoys sailing, walking, and looking after four acres of land as part of plans to retire to a slower pace of life.

Jo Donaldson

Working with young people, adults and families within a faith-based context across a range of work locations and voluntary projects in the education and social justice arenas. She holds a degree in Education and Psychology. She works with individuals and groups with the aim of providing ways that they can use to give themselves different outcomes in their life. All of the areas of her work are unique and so bring with them their own challenges and successes. She is particularly grateful to be able to work with the people she comes into contact with.

Suzanne Daykin
Digital and Marketing Advisor

14 years experience of running her own successful e‑commerce businesses including exporting British food around the world: Haggis to Hawaii has to be a highlight. As well as running her own e‑commerce businesses she has during the past five years helped local businesses improve their online marketing and sales.

Bill Wilson

Originally from Tyneside has been a Catholic Priest since 1994. For most of that time he worked as a parish priest but also as a university lecturer and proof reader. He enjoys classical music, sci-fi and PS4 gaming, and joined slowwmo as a shareholder and active team member because the venture expresses the interconnectedness that he believes is essential for human flourishing.

Laurie Howe
Management Support

Just starting his journey into work, Laurie has transport policy knowledge and a deep interest in model railways and railway history. He has worked as an intern and then an apprentice and now a full member of a team providing services to a large parish and catholic community. He is a keen cyclist and has completed 2160 miles, mostly in Hampshire, during lockdown.