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slowwmo is about making connections between individuals, between people and their communities, and between people and the present and the past.

We use historic transport routes as a platform to explore these connections.

The Corkscrew Railway

This was a railway that was opened in 1847, at the end of the Railway Mania period. The railway promoted the connections between the villages and the towns between Southampton and Dorchester.

The railway was called the Corkscrew Railway as an affectionate reference to the meandering nature of the railway. 

Today the historic route is used as a leisure and wildlife resource, connecting people and communities in different ways… the Corkscrew remains at the centre of connections in the area.

Curated Journeys

Our curated journeys, using history, culture, nature and beauty themes can  introduce you to the real life of the Corkscrew Railway and its region, through time and today. 

Slowwmo is for you, to discover and enjoy connections.

Details of our curated journeys can be found in the link above, and on the Events and Activities page.


Hi I'm Pia.

I am a local artist based in Dorset and am extremely lucky to live on the edge of Wareham Forest, in amongst its rich wildlife, heaths and woodland habitats. Travelling to visit family in Africa and exploring the outdoors locally has provided much time to observe and develop a deep love of animal life. I have chosen to study a vast range of animals from encounters I have experienced in the past, and use these observations to give my drawings a personality.

I create these works freehand, using a fine black pen… so, as you can imagine it takes a lot of time to create all the detail that goes into them! I am a massive perfectionist so this helps me get all the lines in the right places!

I really hope you enjoy my work…don’t hesitate to get in contact with me about commissions or any questions!